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BRICkS – Building Respect on the Internet by Combating Hate Speech

Many recent studies show that on websites, blogs and social networks, manifestations of hate speech are increasing, especially among young people.The project explores the opportunities offered by modern technologies for empowering young people to use the information disseminated by online media and social networks in a critical way and to promote their active role in the struggle against online racist and xenophobic speech. Its added value is to promote a multidisciplinary approach that involves stakeholders, professionals and young people and to overturn the usual perspective.


From November 2014 to October 2016

Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Belgium.

The objectives
The general objective is to combat the spread of online hate speech against migrants and minorities through media literacy and active involvement of web users and web content producers. Instead of focusing only on the possible negative consequences resulting from the use of the Internet by young people, the objective is to explore the opportunities for intercultural and interfaith dialogue on the web. The project is not addressed only to media consumers, but also to media professionals, who are facing the challenges of the digital information. Media representations influence public perceptions and attitudes, especially for sensitive topics such as migration. Therefore, it’s important being aware of the effects of the information flow especially on the web.

Who is involved
Teachers, educators, web experts, media activists,second generation migrant associations, social media managers and young people.

The activities

- Research
Five national studies to analyze the representation of migrants and minorities in online newspapers and magazines and a European study comparing the situation in participating countries.

- Meetings and exchanges

- Training module and multimedia toolkit
An innovative and flexible training module and multimedia toolkit as a result of the participatory meetings and exchanges.

- Workshops
Workshops in upper secondary schools and youth centers aimed at identifying and react to hate speech manifestations with web tools and positive actions.

- Online campaign
Interactive platform and online campaign involving young people and promoting a public debate about the big issues of circulation of information in the era of digital world.

- European event
A final event at the Pisa Internet Festival.

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