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Research and Policy Knowledge Exchange Forum on Immigration, Work and Health in British Columbia (2009)

15. 1. 13
A team of researchers from the Institute for Work & Health in Toronto, has been exploring immigrant workers’ experiences after a work-related injury in Ontario. This research and policy knowledge exchange forum was held to begin examining similar issues in British Columbia. Individuals and organizations working in immigration/migration and occupational health, safety and rights were invited to a s...
Labour Migration Integrationresearch reports and studies

Delicate dances: Immigrant workers experiences’ of injury reporting and claim filing (2011)

8. 1. 13
Immigrants often come to Canada for the purpose of employment and make up a large proportion of our labour force. Yet their labour market experiences may not always be positive – new immigrant workers can have difficulties finding a job in their field and may end up working in “survival jobs” that expose them to workplace hazards. Workers who are new to Canada may not be familiar with legislation ...
Labour Migration Integrationresearch reports and studies

Immigration, work and health - An introduction to occupational health and safety for immigrants workers in Spain

30. 10. 12
In 2007 ISTAS organised a workshop called ‘Inmigrantes y salud laboral’, dealing with the situation of migrant workers. This gave rise to the booklet, which contains information relevant to migrant workers and their working conditions. The booklet focuses on sectors where migrant workers are commonly employed. It gives advice and instructions on how accidents can be prevented, and on ty...
Labour MigrationPolandresearch reports and studies

Living and Working in the UK: Your Rights

30. 10. 12
The booklet has been written for people coming to work in UK. It briefly summarizes the most important duties and rights of foreign workers in the UK. Chapter Living in the UK introduces topics such as: housing, services in and for the home, benefits and tax credits, healthcare, education, bank services, driving, interpreting, immigration and nationality, challenging discrimination and the chapter...
Labour Migrationresearch reports and studies

Working in the UK: Rights for Migrant Workers (Leaflet)

30. 10. 12
The TUC has produced a leaflet for people coming to work in the UK giving information about their legal rights to work in this country. The leaflet is available to download in the following languages: Czech, English, Estonian, French, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish.
Labour Migrationresearch reports and studies

Managing Diversity in the Workplace – Focusing on the Employment of Migrant Workers (Handbook)

30. 10. 12
The aim of this handbook from 2004 is to provide practical guidance for those recruiting and employing migrant workers. The handbook therefore covers: (a) issues related to recruitment, employment permits and employment rights, (b) managing a diverse workforce, (c) developing an intercultural workplace policy.
Labour MigrationPolandresearch reports and studies

Developing Anti-discrimination Law in Europe - The 27 EU Member States, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey compared. Czech Republic 2011 - Country report on measures to combat discrimination

7. 9. 12
Ten years ago a major and unprecedented evolution occurred in the European Union with the adoption in 2000 of two pieces of EU legislation in the field of anti-discrimination: the Racial Equality Directive (2000/43) and the Employment Equality Directive (2000/78). The implementation of these legal provisions in the national legal systems of the 27 Member States is described in a series of annually...
Integration Migration and the EUCzech Republicresearch reports and studies

EUDO Citizenship Observatory. Country Report: Czech Republic

23. 5. 12
The paper provides an important overview for all those who would like to broaden their knowledge about the citizenship politics in the Czech Republic. When Baršová wrote this report about the Czech citizenship in 2009, she stated that the "citizenship law is struck between the past and the future".
Czech Republicresearch reports and studies

Migrants in Europe. A statistical portrait of the first and second generation

24. 4. 12
Patterns of migration flows can change greatly over time, with the size and composition of migrant populations reflecting both current and historical patterns of migration flows. Combined with the complexity and long-term nature of the migrant integration process, this can present challenges to policymakers who need good quality information on which to base decisions. It is important that the stat...
Labour Migration Integration Migration and the EUresearch reports and studies

Labor Standards Enforcement and Low-Wage Immigrants: Creating an Effective Enforcement System

21. 12. 11
The Migration Policy Institute report, which was written by Donald M. Kerwin and Kristen McCabe, analyzes the labor standards enforcement record of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations and argues that enforcement of labor laws should become a higher priority, particularly amid high rates of unemployment and underemployment. The report, which also examines states’ activity, concludes that l...
Labour Migrationresearch reports and studies

Indicators of the integration of third-country nationals into Czech society in the context of the requirements of European institutions

16. 12. 11
Jana Vavrečková and Ivo Baštýř have presented a study aimed at drawing the first proposal for a methodology for assessing the tools used to monitor the integration process of third-country nationals in the Czech Republic. The study focuses on the capacity of the Czech Republic to follow the EU requirements on the integration monitoring systems.
Integration Migration and the EUCzech Republicresearch reports and studies

The European Commission migration policy package

12. 12. 11
The European Commission has released a migration policy package which includes Communication on The Global Approach to Migration and Mobility and Staff Working Paper on Migration and Development.
Migration and the EUresearch reports and studies

How and why did MARS facilitate migration control? Understanding the implication of migration and refugee studies (MARS) with the restriction of human mobility by UK state agencies

12. 12. 11
Joshua Paul Hatton has presented an interesting thesis for the PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Oxford. In his work, he focuses on the relation between the academic field of migration and refugee studies (MARS) and the migration control by UK agencies.
Undocumented Migration and Regularisation Integration Migration and the EUresearch reports and studies

Fomacs Retrospective - The Story So Far

11. 11. 11
The Forum on Migration and Communications is introducing an online publication featuring a portfolio of our creative arts and media projects, forged in collaboration with diverse public partners and civil society networks during the last four years.
Labour Migration Integration Gender and Migrationresearch reports and studies

Preventing Undocumented Pregnant Women and Children from Accessing health Care: fostering health inequalities in Europe

26. 5. 11
This report highlights the presentations and discourse which took place during the public hearing on 8 December 2010, in the European Parliament on “Preventing Undocumented Pregnant Women and Children from Accessing Health Care: Fostering Health Inequalities in Europe”. The event was coordinated by the EuropeanAnti-Poverty Network (EAPN), European Women’s Lobby (EWL), Médecins du Monde (MdM), and ...
Undocumented Migration and Regularisationresearch reports and studies
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