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Smuggled Versus Not Smuggled Across the Czech Border

8. 8. 13
The article published in the International Migration Review 47/1 focuses on the main reasons, trends and characteristics of the unauthorized movement of migrants across the Czech border before the joining the Schengen area. The aim of the paper was to conduct analysis of the spatial behaviour of unauthorized migrants in their attempts to irregularly cross the Czech state’s “green” border (includin...
Undocumented Migration and RegularisationCzech Republicresearch reports and studies

Social Platform: Position Paper on Migration. An Opportunity for the EU

25. 7. 13

Social Platform, the largest civil society alliance fighting for social justice and participatory democracy in Europe, adopted a position paper on migration directed at the EU and its member states. The document includes the human rights concerns of regular and irregular migrants, asylum seekers and beneficiar...

Migration and the EUresearch reports and studies

PICUM Report: Using Legal Strategies to Enforce Undocumented Migrants’ Human Rights

17. 7. 13
PICUM’s new report outlines ways for advocates of undocumented migrants to engage with legal systems on both national and international levels. The report Publisher in March 2013 is a practical guide to mechanisms within the European Union, the Council of Europe and the United Nations that advocates can use to enforce undocumented migrants’ fundamental rights and to fight impunity.
Undocumented Migration and Regularisationresearch reports and studies

Civil Society Monitoring on the Implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategies and Decade Action Plan in the Czech Republic in 2010-2013

10. 7. 13

Monitoring report published by the coalition of Czech non-governmental organisations provides an independent assessment of the Czech Republic’s progress in achieving the goal of Roma inclusion as defined in the Concept for Roma Integration 2010-201...

IntegrationCzech Republicresearch reports and studies

Eurostat: Trafficking in Human beings (2013)

9. 5. 13
Publication Trafficking in Human beings presents the first report at the EU level on statistics on trafficking in human beings. It includes data for the years 2008, 2009 and 2010, from all 27 EU countries, furthermore Croatia, Iceland, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey.
Migration and the EU Undocumented Migration and Regularisation Labour MigrationEUresearch reports and studies

Experiences of Forced Labour in the UK Food Industry (2012)

28. 3. 13
This report looks at evidence of exploitation and forced labour in sectors within the UK food industry. It draws upon in-depth testimonies from 62 migrant workers mainly originating from the EU and China. Three sub-sectors of the food industry are represented in the study: agriculture, food processing and minority ethnic catering.
Labour Migrationresearch reports and studies

Modern Slavery in the United Kingdom (a review, 2007)

13. 3. 13
2007 marks the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in the UK. Slavery, however, continues and is commonplace across the world. Thousands of people are estimated to be working as slaves within the UK, in highly exploitative conditions, with no rights, and under threat of violence.
Labour Migrationresearch reports and studies

Between Decent Work and Forced Labour: Examining the Continuum of Exploitation (2010)

12. 3. 13
The paper examines how forced labour is currently framed within national legislations. Furthermore, it introduces a continuum of exploitation and interventions, ranging from decent work to extreme exploitation and covering both labour law and criminal law; and uses case studies to demonstrate how the concept of a continuum can be applied in practice in the UK.
Labour Migrationresearch reports and studies

Forced Labour in Northern Ireland (2011)

4. 3. 13
This study explores evidence of forced labour among new migrants to Northern Ireland in a range of employment sectors. It examines issues of severe exploitation and forced labour, including poor working conditions, low pay, restricted movements and verbal and physical abuse. It studies migrants working in the fishing, mushroom and catering industries, as well as Filipino and Romanian Roma migrants...
Labour Migrationresearch reports and studies

Forced Labour in the UK: The Business Angle (2012)

26. 2. 13
Forced labour has been reported in low-skill, low-wage jobs in the UK including care, construction, cleaning, entertainment, health, food and agriculture, domestic work and hospitality. However, the scope and extent of forced labour remains largely unknown. This study examines the business structures, processes and pressures that may drive or facilitate the use of forced labour in the UK. Making r...
Labour Migrationresearch reports and studies

Regulation and Enforcement to Tackle Forced Labour in the UK: A Systematic Response? (2012)

19. 2. 13
While forced labour is generally recognised as a crime, it is rarely prosecuted because of obstacles to law enforcement and identification of forced labour victims. This paper spells out the challenges, within the complex regulatory environment of the UK labour market. Enforcement is spread over a number of agencies and regulatory bodies; the powers, interests and capacity of these organisations i...
Labour Migrationresearch reports and studies

Experiences of Forced Labour among Chinese Migrant Workers (2011)

12. 2. 13
This report reveals the experiences of Chinese migrant workers in the UK. It looks at forced labour and exploitation, the role of family and social relationships, and how far migrants are able to exercise control over their lives. Many Chinese migrants seek work in the UK, in the context of increased globalisation and economic changes in China. However, the UK Government aims to stem the admission...
Labour Migrationresearch reports and studies

Forced Labour and UK Immigration Policy: Status Matters? (2011)

5. 2. 13
This paper investigates the links between immigration status and migrants' vulnerability to forced labour. Furthermore, it explores how socio-legal status (specific rights to residence, work and social welfare) impacts on migrants' risk of forced labour; and it reviews UK immigration policy, to assess how far it may reduce or facilitate the use of forced labour.
Labour Migrationresearch reports and studies

Review of safety resources for recent immigrants entering the Canadian workforce (2011)

29. 1. 13
The purpose of this study was to examine the services, programs and resources available to newcomers to Canada that focus on employment standards, occupational health & safety and workers‟ compensation. The authors reviewed local resources available through community organizations, employers, settlement groups and unions, as well as resources available through provincial and federal preventi...
Labour Migration Integrationresearch reports and studies

Prevention is the Best Medicine (a toolkit, 2011)

22. 1. 13
The toolkit is designed to help settlement services staff provide newcomers with information on the occupational health and safety and workers’ compensation systems in Ontario. The need for such a toolkit was demonstrated in a 2011 study by the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) that explored the experiences of immigrants who had been injured on the job. The study found that injured newcomers had l...
Labour Migration Integrationresearch reports and studies
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