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Migration in Central and Eastern Europe

Země střední a východní Evropy - migrace


Poland is a country of emigration with its migration flows falling in recent years. The country is relatively open to accept labour migrants and the number of issued work permits has constantly been rising since 2007. Moreover, Poland runs a simplified procedure of granting work visas to residents of Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Nonetheless, according to Eurostat, citizens of other countries made only 0.1 percent of the Polish population in 2011, the lowest rate in the whole EU. The national data state that the number of legally staying immigrants reach 97 thousand and there might be another 50-70 thousand staying illegally (NGOs estimate the overall number of immigrants at almost half million). In 2011, the Polish Parliament passed the Act on Legalisation of Stay of Foreigners, a third and most liberal regularization in row. Last year, a new bill on Polish citizenship (Polish only) entered into force. In 2012, the Polish migration policy – current state of play and further actions (Polish only) was adopted, a first comprehensive document on migration policy addressing also the issue of immigrants’ integration.

Foreign students in Poland

8. 10. 13 Dawid Cegiełka
Poland is facing one of the biggest demographical problems in its modern history. According to the CIA Fact Book, Poland (data on Poland was taken from, among other sources, the Central Office of Statistics (GUS)) is in 212nd place out of 224 countries classified according to total fertility rate. In addition, we can observe a huge wave of migration of young Poles to Western countries (over 2 m...
Study / training in EUPoland

My experience in Poland as a Foreigner

2. 10. 13
Poland is a great country; however, it might be tough for foreigners at first.
Study / training in EUPoland

Family reunification

24. 6. 13 Karolina Grot
International project "Migration to the Centre" embraced the topic of family reunification as one of the key issues for the integration of foreigners. According to MIPEX III, Poland comparing to other EU countries, has relatively high result in family reunion index . In order to compare this results to practical dimension, immigrants and experts were requested to analyse the situation through the ...
Family reunification Poland
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