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Undocumented Migrants Project

17. 7. 09
Undocumented Migrants aims to address concerns about the position of undocumented migrants within the context of the Government's 'managed migration' strategy and the roll-out tougher enforcement measures in Great Britain. As part of the work, MRN is currently running the 'Papers Please' research project, which is looking at the effects of the new 'civil penalty' regime which has imposed additiona...
Undocumented Migration and Regularisationprojects

Fewer irregular residents in Europe than assumed: New online information on irregular migration (CLANDESTINO project)

20. 3. 09
The CLANDESTINO research project, funded by the European Commission’s DG Research fund, has published a detailed database concerned with the current situation of Irregular Migration in Europe during the 21st century (notably the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, and the UK; but also Morocco, Turkey and Ukraine as countries e...
Undocumented Migration and Regularisationprojects

"Work is Elsewhere" Exhibition on Labour Migration in Bruneck September 20th

28. 8. 07
The international exhibition "Work is Elsewhere" opens in Bruneck Market Square (Italy) on September 20th and runs until October 4th.
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