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Labour Migration

Although foreigners have the right to equal treatment in the Czech labour market, in practice, they are more vulnerable for various reasons. In general, access to employment is harder for them, they are paid less for the same work and they tend to be exposed to worse working conditions. At the same time, the migrants' position in the labour market plays a crucial role in their process of integration into society.

The individual texts also address how migrant workers affect the Czech labour market and the impact of their presence on the competitiveness of the local labour force. The whole topic examines these and other often difficult-to-answer questions which labour migration raises.

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Circulatory Migration as Life Strategy

24. 8. 04
This study of the sociologist Dumitru Sandu, originally published in Sociologie Româneasc/Romanian Sociology (2/2000), aims at listing the significant characteristics of the Romanians' provisional migration abroad within 2000. The theoretical environment of the herein approach has been set up by means of a reference to the life strategy concepts,to the human capital, to the social capital,to the m...
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