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Ukrainian Migration to Europe: Policies, Practices and Perspectives

New issue of Central and Eastern Europe Migration Review (CEEMR) dedicated to migratory flows from Ukraine.

In this special monothematic issue of the CEEMR, the results of empirical scholarly research are presented together to provide the journal’s readers with an overview of Ukrainians’ experiences of migration in a variety of national contexts and from a range of perspect...

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Free Movement of Workers in the European Union in the Context of the Amended Directive on the Posting of Workers

The subject of the article is migration within the European Union and the current problems associated with this migration. A summary of the situation in the countries which are the most important sources of EU migration is followed by a reflection on the form of the new Posting of Workers Enforcement Directive. The author draws also on the output and related materials of the German Trade Union Fed...
Migration and the EU Labour MigrationRomania Bulgaria Germany Polandarticles

NGOs meet the European Commission to discuss family reunification

The very first event of the European Platform on Asylum and Migration (EPAM)[1] dedicated to family reunification was organised in May 2014. It brought together EPAM Members, national practitioners and the European Commission for a training and brainstorming meeting.
The author attended the meeting as a representative of one of the E...

Migration and the EU IntegrationEUarticles

Round Table Summary: Foreign Employees – Second Class Workers?

On 10 April 2014, a round table titled “Foreign Employees – Second Class Workers?” was held at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin with representatives of Germany and the Czech Republic discussing the issue of the changing types of employment of foreign workers in the two countries.
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Foreigners in Public Life - Participation or Integration?

30. 7. 14
In the following article Martin Rozumek and Lukáš Prskavec comment on the integration of foreigners in the Czech Republic and on the fact that although many of them have long-term residence in CR and have lived here for decades, they have no right to participate in political life. The authors point out that the inclusion of foreigners in the affairs and politics of the place where they live would...
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Migration in the strategic agenda of the EU for the next five years

24. 7. 14
The European Council agreed on a set of conclusions, among them the strategic agenda of key priorities for the next five years, which includes a chapter "Freedom, security and justice" dealing with migration. Priorities in this area are based on an effort to increase institutional cooperation in the inner space of the European Union on the one hand and on superiority of the Union toward...
Migration and the EU Labour MigrationEUarticles

Statement by the Director of the Organisation for Aid to Refugees (OAR) on remarks made by Tomio Okamura, Member of the Chamber of Deputies, on immigration to the Czech Republic

14. 7. 14 Martin Rozumek
The following commentary by Martin Rozumek is a reaction to the xenophobic and populist remarks made by Deputy Okamura, who has declared, amongst other things, that “any welfare benefits should be claimed by the individual, if possible, in his home country” and that “a considerable proportion of the foreigners who have applied for citizenship are not required to prove their knowledge of the Czech...
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The saving of public finances can go together with the sparing of the rights of foreigners.

The commentary shows that behind frequently used expressions such as "the need to save" or "simplification of administration" the exact opposite meanings are hidden in the current state of migration policy in the Czech Republic. The absurdity and unnecessary complication of migration policy subsequently results in significant losses on the side of both the state and migrants ...
Labour MigrationCzech Republicarticles

Summary of a public debate: Illegal employment of foreign workers

On June 6, 2013 in the Training institute of Charita ČR, The Association for Integration and Migration in partnership with the Organization for Aid to Refugees and Multicultural Center Prague organized a public debate on the following topic: Illegal employment of foreign workers: Sanctions and evidence. In the debate, representatives of the authorities and non-governmental non-profit sector t...
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Summary of a public debate on the topic of: (Un)-safe work: From precarious work to forced crime.

In the European House in Prague, on November 5th 2013, a debate was held that addressed various work safety issues and issues connected to foreign employees. In particular, from the viewpoints of the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom, the debate focused on where precarious work begins and ends, as well as on its detection and prosecution. Another debated topic was the prosecution of those who,...
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Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

On 13 March, the European Parliament approved the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) for 2014- 2020, which replaces the European Refugee Fund, the European Integration Fund and the European Return Fund. The commentary presents an overview of the main changes in resources allocation and discussion on 'partnership' principle.
Migration and the EU Integrationarticles

EPAM: Key priorities for the future of European migration and asylum policy

14. 4. 14
European NGO Platform on EU Asylum and Migration (EPAM) presents statement regarding the EU agenda of Freedom, Security and Justice. This agenda also includes asylum and migration policies. Members of the EPAM jointly set out 15 key priorities for the future of European migration and asylum policy.
Migration and the EU Labour MigrationEUarticles

PICUM: Five-Point Action Plan to strenghten rights of undocumented migrants

9. 4. 14
The Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM) made submission towards the DG Home Affairs in effort to achieve better position of undocumented migrants. The Platform proposed Five-Point Action Plan in which it recommends thoroughgoing revision of policies and practices of the EU and member states regarding undocumented migrants with emphasis put on situation of women,...
Migration and the EU Labour Migrationarticles

Equal treatment of foreigners in access to unemployment benefits and health insurance

An open letter on the subject of exploitation of foreign nationals and on social rights of migrant workers under the EU single permit directive
Migration and the EU Labour MigrationCzech Republicarticles

EU Directive on a single application procedure for a single permit for third-country nationals to reside and work – groping towards harmonisation of EU migration law

17. 3. 14 Martin Rozumek
The subject of the commentary is the Directive on a single application procedure for a single permit for third-country nationals to reside and work. The Directive is discussed in the broader context of the development of European migration and asylum policy; the limited nature of its range and scope is pointed out. In view of the problematic Czech migration reality, the effect of the Directive on ...
Migration and the EU Labour MigrationCzech Republicarticles
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