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Regularization as One of the Tools for the Fight against Irregular Migration


The project focuses on the problem of undocumented migration of foreigners from the third countries who work in the Czech Republic without a work permit or without residency permit. The aim of the project is to find innovative solutions to this serious problem which involves the whole society (and which includes: exploitation of foreigners; lowering of employments standards as a result of discriminatory lower cost of irregular work; fiscal losses of the state budget in taxes; and security hazard). The project will combine activities such as awareness raising campaigns, social and legal counselling and lobbing. Within the frame of international cooperation and on the basis of inspiration from other European countries, particularly from Spain and Portugal, the Czech partner seeks to use their experiences in the field of social inclusion of these socially excluded groups.

Duration of the project: 6/2009 - 5/2011

Project partners:

Project coordinator:
Marie Jelínková
Phone: (+420) 296 325 345

The project is financed from the European social fund through the Operational program "Human Resources and Employment" and the state budget of the CR.

Project outputs:

An interview with Portuguese migrant trade unionist, Manuel Correia

“As long as you are going to prevent migrants from entering the labour market, you are not going to be able to guarantee decent working conditions.”
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